Red Wines

Don Guerino ‘Vintage’ Malbec 2016


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Bright, deep purple

AROMAS: Vibrant and youthful notes of violets and mulberry, with hint of tobacco leaf

TASTE:  Restrained but rich super plummy palate, very well integrated oak and lovely sweetish caramel flavours. Medium tannins and acidity, medium-full bodied.

FOOD PAIRING: Roast chicken, grilled red meats or mature hard cheeses

OVERALL:  An understated but beautifully balanced Malbec, with good ageing potential

£ 16.00 / bottle  ( £ 96.00 / case x 6 )  No stock currently available.

New vintage arriving February!

Sanjo Nubio Malbec 2013


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Mid purple-red

AROMAS: Attractive blend of blackberry, cherry, violets and oak, with touch of smokiness

TASTE:  Ripe cherry, plum and berry flavours; some coffee, mocha, vanilla and smoky notes. Smooth textured, light bodied and a very pleasant lingering finish

FOOD PAIRING: Serve with ham, pâtés, chicken, risottos or lightly flavoured cheeses

OVERALL:  Unusually light for this varietal, our ‘lunchtime’ Malbec nonetheless delivers on all counts!

£ 13.00 / bottle  ( £ 78.00 / case x 6 ) previously £15.00 / bottle

Pizzato Reserva Alicante Bouschet 2005


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Still deep ruby-violet, despite age

AROMAS: Oaky, with dense dark fruits, black olive and eucalyptus

TASTE:  Very dry, full bodied and with pronounced tannins. Palate shows concentrated dark fruit flavours overlaying more savoury and oaky notes, then a long, rich finish

FOOD PAIRING: Recommended with curries, strong cheeses or the heaviest red meat dishes

OVERALL:  Powerful, tannic and indisputably a food wine

£ 14.00 / bottle  ( £ 84.00 / case x 6 ) previously £16.00 / bottle

Don Guerino Teroldego 2016


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Exceptionally deep purple-red colour

AROMAS: Dense dark brambly fruit, with hints of raspberry or redcurrant

TASTE:  Lots of different flavours, with ripe black cherry, licorice, traces of vanilla and even some smokiness all apparent. Very soft tannins, good acidity and a hint of almond on the finish

FOOD PAIRING: A perfect match for roast lamb, pork and BBQ beef

OVERALL:  Bold but not brash, this really is a delicious wine!

£ 17.00 / bottle  ( £ 102.00 / case x 6 ) Our bestseller at BBC Winter Good Food Show 2017!

Aurora Varietal Pinot Noir 2015


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Light red, with some ageing apparent on rim

AROMAS:  Prominent raspberry and strawberry notes

TASTE:  Light in style, dry, unoaked and with plenty of succulent ripe red berry fruit. Super soft tannins and very rounded on the palate

FOOD PAIRING: Hugely versatile but best served with light meat dishes, salads or grilled salmon

OVERALL:  A lovely fruity, easy-drinking Pinot, suitable for all occasions

£ 8.00 / bottle  ( £ 48.00 / case x 6 )  previously £9.00 / bottle

Aurora Varietal Merlot 2012


ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Bright ruby-red

AROMAS:  Fresh ripe plum and red berry fruit

TASTE:  Plenty of soft red berry fruit and gentle tannins; unoaked and light-medium bodied

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal with pizza, pasta, sausages, grilled meats or lightly flavoured cheeses

OVERALL:  Super everyday drinking Merlot, suitable for all occasions

£ 9.00 / bottle  ( £ 54.00 / case x 6 )

Sanjo Nubio Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Core is deep garnet, some ageing apparent on rim

AROMAS:  Cedar, eucalyptus and cassis, with hint of ‘pencil-shavings’ so typical of this varietal

TASTE:  Rich concentration of warm ripe cassis fruit, well integrated with tannins and acidity. Mature wine, full bodied, with a persistent finish

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal with steaks, roasts, curried dishes and strongly flavoured cheeses

OVERALL:  A mature, serious, ‘Bordeaux-style’ wine but with warmer, riper fruit

£ 19.00 / bottle  ( £ 114.00 / case x 6 )

Sanjo Maestrale Cabernet Sauvignon 2007


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Deep red-purple

AROMAS:  Warm, ripe blackcurrant with vanilla, cedar and traces of mint and fine spices

TASTE:  Highly concentrated blackcurrant and plum fruit, with some gamey or yeasty notes starting to appear. Oak, tannins, fruit and acidity in harmony; full-bodied, smooth-drinking and with delicious long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Ideally decant, serve with roast lamb, venison or duck

OVERALL:  Impressive Cab Sauv with great structure and potential for further ageing

£ 23.00 / bottle  ( £ 138.00 / case x 6 )

Pizzato Reserva Tannat 2009


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Very deep garnet red

AROMAS: Pronounced red berry fruit with some oakiness and traces of coconut, nutmeg and cinnamon

TASTE:  Elegant blend of concentrated ripe red fruits showing oak, vanilla and spicy notes. Full bodied; tannins have softened over time, so wine feels well rounded.

FOOD PAIRING: Particularly suited to venison and other well flavoured red meat dishes

OVERALL:  Bold, rich and concentrated with excellent ageing potential

£ 19.00 / bottle  ( £ 114.00 / case x 6 )

Pizzato DNA99 Merlot 2008


ABV: 13.5%

APPEARANCE:  Deep garnet red

AROMAS: Ripe red berry fruit with notes of coffee, cacao and vanilla

TASTE:  Rich concentration of red fruits with dried plum and some spiciness. Full bodied; elegant and supple, with soft tannins and a very long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Decant, then serve with either steak, roasts or strong cheeses

OVERALL:  Pizzato’s flagship wine, produced only in the best vintages, and arguably the finest red produced in Brazil

£ 45.00 / bottle  ( £ 270.00 / case x 6 )

Pizzato Concentus 2009

NAME:  PIZZATO GRAN RESERVA CONCENTUS 2009 ( Merlot/Tannat/Cab Sauv blend )

ABV: 13.5%

APPEARANCE:  Deep garnet-red

AROMAS: Enticing mix of mocha, spices and plum all apparent on nose

TASTE:  Concentration of red berry fruit with touch of vanilla or caramel on long, fresh finish. Elegant and supple, with tannins, acidity and fruit all very well balanced. Made in the best vintages only – just 3000 bottles produced in 2009!

FOOD PAIRING: Decant, then serve with roast beef or lamb

OVERALL:  Superlative food wine – and still improving!

£ 29.00 / bottle  ( £ 174.00 / case x 6 )

Fausto Tannat 2010


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Originally a deep purple-black colour but now slightly lighter with age

AROMAS: Attractive perfumed dark fruits with some oaky and leathery notes

TASTE:  Richly concentrated black fruits overlaying spice and coffee flavours. Medium- to heavy bodied but supple nonetheless, with noticeably well rounded tannins.

FOOD PAIRING: Spicy or very well seasoned red meat dishes, especially beef or venison

OVERALL:  Delicious! A very approachable example of this relatively unknown French grape variety

£ 14.00 / bottle  ( £ 84.00 / case x 6 ) Sorry, no stock currently available but new vintage ( 2015 ) arrives February!

Fausto Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Deep purple-red

AROMAS: Typical varietal nose showing mint, blackcurrant, cedar, eucalyptus and oak

TASTE:  Dry, with warm, rich concentration of red plum and cherry fruit and savoury olive flavours. Medium bodied, oaked, with rounded tannins and just a tiny hint of spice

FOOD PAIRING: Steaks, stews, roasts or medium strength cheeses

OVERALL:  A punchy and versatile all-rounder

£ 14.00 / bottle  ( £ 84.00 / case x 6 )

Fausto Merlot 2013


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Deep garnet red

AROMAS: Ripe red berry fruits with some ‘leatheriness’ from barrel ageing

TASTE:  Lovely concentration of damson and plum fruit with traces of licorice or spice. Also some earthy, savoury notes. Dry with soft tannins, wine will benefit from opening in advance!

FOOD PAIRING: Try with pizza, pasta, risottos, lighter meat dishes and mild cheeses

OVERALL:  A versatile all-rounder, drink by the glass or match with dishes above

£ 14.00 / bottle  ( £ 84.00 / case x 6 ) Sorry, no stock currently available but new vintage ( 2016 ) arrives February!

Campos de Cima Assinatura 2014

13% Abv

2015 Decanter Commended 

Blend of 70% Malbec, 25% Shiraz & 5% Tannat, aged in new French oak for 6 months.

1500 bottles only of “Assinatura” ( meaning ‘signature’ in Portuguese ) were produced, each one individually numbered.

Bright and deep red-ruby colour. Nose shows a rich and attractive perfume. Belies its youth, with concentrated palate of ripe red fruits, with flavours of tobacco, black pepper and liquorice. The oak is well integrated, lends structure without dominating. Dry, full bodied, with smooth almost silky tannins, long, lingering finish.

Drinking very well now – but has the potential for many more years development.

Serve at just below room temperature ( 18°C ); either on its own or perhaps better with marinated meats, venison, game or well flavoured cheeses.

Not currently available. This wine is made only in very best vintages and has not been produced since 2014. The current (2018) vintage is looking promising, so we will have news post-harvest, in March/April.

Lidio Carraro Elos Touriga Nacional - Tannat

Lidio Carraro Elos Touriga Nacional / Tannat 2009

13 % Abv. 1.3kg / plant. Encruzilhada do Sul. Granitic soil.

( blend of 77% Touriga Nacional and 23% Tannat )

If you are looking for unusual wines, this Brazilian red blend is one to try. It has a deep ruby colour with violet reflections. Floral aromas of violets, geranium and jasmine; intensely aromatic with notes of blackberry, plum and blueberry. Hints too of cassis, chocolate and pepper. Excellent mouth weight, finely balanced with mature tannins, shows good length. No oak used.

Unfortunately this wine is no longer available

Miolo Lote 43

Miolo Lote 43 2013

14% Abv.

Available on special order-please email

This Brazilian red wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot. Red purple, with shades ranging from ruby to ocher end edges.Good intensity, and highlighting the aromas of aging (Bouquet). Aroma descriptors: – Prune – jellies – leather – tobacco – truffles – currant – mint – vegetable – Wicker – nuts. Presents a great volume in the mouth, a sensation of greasiness and denoting body, with ripe tannins and pleasant persistence and a remarkable end-of-mouth.

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