Cabernet Sauvignon

Sanjo Nubio Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Core is deep garnet, some ageing apparent on rim

AROMAS:  Cedar, eucalyptus and cassis, with hint of ‘pencil-shavings’ so typical of this varietal

TASTE:  Rich concentration of warm ripe cassis fruit, well integrated with tannins and acidity. Mature wine, full bodied, with a persistent finish

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal with steaks, roasts, curried dishes and strongly flavoured cheeses

OVERALL:  A mature, serious, ‘Bordeaux-style’ wine but with warmer, riper fruit

£ 19.00 / bottle  ( £ 114.00 / case x 6 )

Pizzato Concentus 2009

NAME:  PIZZATO GRAN RESERVA CONCENTUS 2009 ( Merlot/Tannat/Cab Sauv blend )

ABV: 13.5%

APPEARANCE:  Deep garnet-red

AROMAS: Enticing mix of mocha, spices and plum all apparent on nose

TASTE:  Concentration of red berry fruit with touch of vanilla or caramel on long, fresh finish. Elegant and supple, with tannins, acidity and fruit all very well balanced. Made in the best vintages only – just 3000 bottles produced in 2009!

FOOD PAIRING: Decant, then serve with roast beef or lamb

OVERALL:  Superlative food wine – and still improving!

£ 29.00 / bottle  ( £ 174.00 / case x 6 )

Fausto Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Deep purple-red

AROMAS: Typical varietal nose showing mint, blackcurrant, cedar, eucalyptus and oak

TASTE:  Dry, with warm, rich concentration of red plum and cherry fruit and savoury olive flavours. Medium bodied, oaked, with rounded tannins and just a tiny hint of spice

FOOD PAIRING: Steaks, stews, roasts or medium strength cheeses

OVERALL:  A punchy and versatile all-rounder

£ 14.00 / bottle  ( £ 84.00 / case x 6 )

Miolo Lote 43

Miolo Lote 43 2013

14% Abv.

Available on special order-please email

This Brazilian red wine is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot. Red purple, with shades ranging from ruby to ocher end edges.Good intensity, and highlighting the aromas of aging (Bouquet). Aroma descriptors: – Prune – jellies – leather – tobacco – truffles – currant – mint – vegetable – Wicker – nuts. Presents a great volume in the mouth, a sensation of greasiness and denoting body, with ripe tannins and pleasant persistence and a remarkable end-of-mouth.

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