White Wines

Fausto Pinot Grigio Chardonnay 2012

12% Abv.

 An unoaked 60% Chardonnay:40% Pinot Grigio blend.

 Light gold-green colour. Lovely fresh peachy-nectarine aromas on the nose. Light and lean on the palate, with tangy tropical notes of lime and pineapple.

This Brazilian white is clean, with refreshing acidity and a marked tingle on the finish.

Drink well chilled: works equally well on its own or as an accompaniment to seafood, white fish, salads and light chicken dishes.

Supplied with screwcap.

Sanjo Nobrese Sparkling Chardonnay NV

12.5% Abv.

This South American sparkling wine is a blend of 85%-90% Chardonnay, plus a drop of Merlot & Cab Sauvignon.

This white sparkling wine from Brazil  is very pale in colour with greenish highlights, with plenty of mousse and decent small bubbles. Apples and pears on nose,  with hints of candied or dried fruit too. On palate, is clean, fresh and easy drinking but with hint of aromatic character. It is  consider as light to medium bodied.

A wine to drink now, served chilled, good as a party wine, with light starters  or white meat dishes.


Sanjo Nubio Sauvignon Blanc 2013

13.5% Abv.

Very light in colour, initial freshness on nose giving way to intriguing notes of ripe figs and mango. Dry, with hints of tropical fruit on a fullish palate, underpinned with aromas of bell pepper, herbs and spice. A mineral touch and zesty acidity lead into a lovely long finish.

This Brazilian white wine should be served well chilled on its own or as an accompaniment to fish, seafood, green salads or light chicken dishes.

Pizzato Fausto Chardonnay 2014

12.5% Abv
100% Chardonnay

Bright; light green in colour. Nose is tropical but restrained, with aromas of melon, peach and apricot. Gentle melon and touch of banana show on palate. Soft and rich, with good mouthfeel. Clean, correct acidity gives real freshness. Good grip and with just a hint of dryness on the finish.

Highly versatile: drink now or over next 1-2 years.

This Brazilian Chardonnay is lovely drunk well chilled as an aperitif, but try with seafood, salads and light chicken dishes.

Sanjo Nobrese Moscato NV

13% Abv.,

Blend: 100% Moscato Giallo

Nominally non-vintage, but wine is drawn from most recent vintage.

Very light yellow colour with greenish highlights. Intensely aromatic and floral nose, showing peach, lime and lychee. On palate,  medium-bodied, clean, with fresh acidity. Dry to off-dry; grapey and perfumed. Drink now – but good for at least 12 months.

Serve this South American white wine well chilled on its own or with light dishes, such as salads, seafood and grilled fish


Campos de Cima Viognier 2014

13 % Abv.

2015 Decanter Commended

An Unoaked blend of 90% Viognier & 10% Chardonnay.

Bright; light gold in colour with greeny reflexes. Lovely peachy apricot nose with hint of jasmine and acacia flowers. ‘Oily’ or ‘petrol’ character may also be present – typical of Viognier – but does not detract from wine. Clean and fresh palate with decent level of acidity. More ripe peach and stone fruit, and touch of white pepperiness also discernible. Medium bodied with good rounded mouthfeel and almost honeyed texture.

Drink within next year or so.

One of the most versatile South American white wines, this may be drunk chilled (8-10˚C) as an aperitif, or served with salads, light or mildly flavoured white meat or fish/seafood dishes.

Lidio Carraro Dadivas Chardonnay

Lidio Carraro Dadivas Chardonnay 2011

14% Abv. 2.8kg / plant. Encruzilhada do Sul. Granitic soil.

IWC 2011 Bronze medal winner

Unoaked chardonnay. Straw yellow colour. Intense and elegant aroma of white flowers, with notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple and melon. Involving on the palate with good mouth weight and some minerality, this is a robust wine demonstrating very well balanced acidity and freshness. A long and persistent finish. One of our favourite Brazilian white wines!

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Casa Valduga Premium Chardonnay 2010

13% Abv.

Unoaked chardonnay. Straw yellow colour with a green tinge; clear and bright. Intense aroma of fresh tropical fruits, lime and melon. This Brazilian white gives a slight spritz on palate; fresh acidity, elegant, and with a long finish.

Aurora Reserva Chardonnay

Vinicola Aurora Reserva Chardonnay 2013

12% Abv.

100% Chardonnay. Straw yellow with hints of green. Herbaceous on the nose, with some vanilla aromas and butteriness on palate due to malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. This is a well balanced South American Chardonnay with refreshing acidity.

Rio Sol Chenin Blanc / Viognier 2012

12% Abv.

An unoaked 50:50 blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier. Light in colour with a greenish tinge. A hint of white flowers on the nose, with fresh aromas too of pears and pineapple. Soft and supple in the mouth, with good acidity and a balanced finish. Drink well chilled on its own, or try with fish or seafood. This is a South American white to drink well chilled on its own, or try with fish or seafood.

Supplied with screwcap.

Miolo Chardonnay

Miolo Family Vineyards Chardonnay 2010

13.5 % Abv. ( available in Republic of Ireland only )

These unusual white wines have good colour intensity, with tones ranging from greenish-yellow to gold. This Brazilian Chardonnay delivers pronounced intensity harmonizing well the aromas of fruit and wood. Taste: Good volume in the palate with balanced acidity and pleasant aftertaste.

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