Don Guerino


With one of Brazil’s most modern and stunning-looking wineries, Don Guerino can trace its history back to 1879, when Italian emigrant Guerino Motter first arrived in what is now Rio Grande do Sul, the country’s most southerly state.

However, it was only relatively recently ( in 2000 ) that the decision was taken by the Motter family to grow vines and produce wine exclusively under their own name. For, in common with many other local wineries, their business in previous decades had been that of a bulk supplier of grapes to the ‘big boys’ – the much larger corporates and cooperatives which traditionally accounted for a high percentage of the country’s production.

Now based in Alto Feliz, around 25km southwest of Bento Gonçalves in the hills of the Serra Gaúcha, the modern Motter vineyard occupies 55 hectares, at an average altitude of 500m. The vines are planted on a sunny but breezy site, which has deep, mainly clay soils.

The Don Guerino business, which is run on a day to day basis by (another) Guerino Motter and his sons, is acutely aware that best practice begins in the vineyard: as such, quality here is far more important than quantity, while the wine-making itself is of a very high standard.

Red, white and sparkling wines are all produced although, for the UK launch of Don Guerino, we at Go Brazil have chosen to start with their ‘Reserva’ range – see details below – aa well as several high quality Charmat method sparklers.

Now, in February 2017, our first shipment has arrived and the initial reaction has been very positive! We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the Motter family.

Wines from this Winery

Still Wines

    • Don Guerino Malbec Vintage Brazil wineDon Guerino Malbec ‘Vintage’ 2015: 13% Abv. 100% Malbec, from 10 yr old vines
      As Teroldego above, aged in both French and American oak for approx. 6 months, then a further 6 months in bottle before release
      Wine is bright and vibrant with a solid red core, and a purple hue around the rim
      Pronounced aromas of both violets and cherries on the nose, with a lavender-like perfume also discernible
      Fresh notes continue on to palate:  more cherry and red fruits; fresh acidity and oak both showing, then a little spiciness on the finish
      Overall, wine is light to medium bodied
      Stylish ‘retro’ bottle label shows image of a Fiat 600 – the car used to get around by Bruno Motter, head of the family, when he was studying oenology in Mendoza, Argentina!
    • Don Guerino Reserva Teroldego 2015 Brazil wineDon Guerino Reserva Teroldego 2015: 13% Abv. 100% single varietal Teroldego, a very seldom seen grape variety of northeast Italian origin ( related to Syrah/Shiraz ), from 10 yr old vines.
      Aged in both French and American oak for approx. 6 months, then a further 6 months in bottle before release
      Bright, deep purple-red in colour.
      Good concentration of ripe dark fruits on nose, overlaid with fresher, lighter raspberry or redcurrant notes
      More ripe fruity aromas on medium-bodied palate, also a hint of smokiness and some caramel/vanilla flavours showing from well integrated oak
      Tannins still maturing but wine is smooth, with relatively high acidity, and has a touch of sour cherry on a longish finish
      Food matching: above all a food wine – recommended with roast lamb or pork
    • Don Guerino Reserva ChardonnayDon Guerino Reserva Chardonnay 2016: 12.5% Abv. 100% Chardonnay, from 10 yr old vines
      Wine stays in contact with lees for 3 months, then rests in French oak barrels for 3 months prior to bottling
      Colour is a clear and bright yellow-gold
      Beautifully clean and fresh nose, with rich tropicality:   pineapple to the fore alongside more citric notes, and a hint of oakiness
      Medium bodied; very rounded on palate with mango or passion fruit flavours, followed by a lingering lemon and lime finish!
      This is an elegant wine which shows fresh acidity and very gentle oak
      Food matching:  delicious on its own but will go well with chicken dishes, risottos, salads and white fish

Sparkling Wines

    • Don Guerino Sparkling Brut Chardonnay NV Brazilian bubblyDon Guerino Sparkling Brut Chardonnay NV: 11.5% Abv. 100% Chardonnay, from 10 yr old vines, made using the Charmat method
      Wine stays in contact with lees for 3 months prior to bottling
      Pale straw yellow colour with green reflexes; clear, clean and bright
      Green apple predominant on nose, with hints of candied fruit
      Ample mousse and regular sized, steady bubbles
      Palate is light bodied and, although dry and refreshing, shows some sweetish lemon sherbet or nougat flavours overlaying tautness of the more tart apple
      Good level of acidity gives crispness to wine, while lowish alchol will appeal to many wine drinkers ( as will the classy-looking bottle! )
      Food matching:   drink well chilled as an aperitif – ideal lunchtime tipple or as a celebration wine later in the day!
    • Don Guerino Sparkling Rosé Malbec NV Brazilian roseDon Guerino Sparkling Rosé Malbec NV: 11.5% Abv. 100% Malbec, from 10 yr old vines, made using the Charmat method
      Wine stays in contact with lees for 3 months prior to bottling
      Delicate, pale and attractive-looking pink rose colour; clear and bright
      Full mousse with flurry of bubbles!
      Rosehip and ripe red berry aromas dominate on the nose
      Intense hit of ripe raspberry and strawberry fruit on light-bodied palate, with just a hint of spritz
      Soft, almost creamy mouthfeel, dry to off-dry, decent acidity
      Finish is surprisingly long, with lingering strawberry aromas noticeable
      As above, this is a lowish alcohol, highly versatile wine which will suit both day and night time occasions equally well
    • Don Guerino Sparkling Rosé Moscato NVDon Guerino Sparkling Rosé Moscato NV: 7.5% Abv. A blend of the Moscato de Hamburgo and Moscato Giallo grape varieties, made using the Charmat method
      Very light cherry pink colour, pale but clear and bright
      Good mousse and plenty of bubbles..
      Nose shows real intensity:  a jasmine or floral perfume stands out, as does a more honeyed note, with ripe red fruits in background
      Very light bodied, with a gentle red berry fruit and sherbety palate; smooth, round and soft mouthfeel
      Wine is sweet but not overwhelmingly so, as acidity is sufficient to act as counterbalance
      Super-low alcohol!
      Serve well chilled, perfect for those with a sweet tooth, or try with fruit salad or perhaps chocolate.