Campanha Gaúcha awarded official ‘IG’ status

We are delighted to report that the Brazilian wine-producing region known as ‘Campanha Gaúcha’ has recently been recognised with an official ‘IG’ designation.

After many years of extensive research and scientific study, Campanha Gaúcha has become the 7th such designated area in Brazil, with 17 local wineries now able to benefit from its new found status.

IG (‘Indicação Geografica’) status is awarded only to those regions which can demonstrate a clear and sustained difference in geography, climate and human approach compared to other zones. The IG is itself divided into two sub-categories: the ‘IP’ (‘Indicação de Procedencia’) and ‘DO’ (‘Denominação de Origem’), the former being focused on specific geographical characteristics and the latter more on local viticulture, including permitted grape varieties and planting practices.

Campanha Gaúcha itself is a vast, sparsely-populated area of south and southwest Brazil, situated within the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and bordering both Argentina and Uruguay. It is best known for its cattle and sheep farming, wheat, soya and – perhaps more surprisingly – rice production. Commercial vineyards have however been planted in the region only relatively recently (since around 2000), partly once its suitability had been highlighted by government agriculturalists, partly also because of growing urbanisation and a shortage of suitable, reasonably priced land in the more northerly Serra Gaúcha, the traditional heartland of Brazilian wine-making.

Our friends and colleagues at the Campos de Cima winery (located in Itaqui in the extreme west of Campanha Gaúcha) are understandably delighted with the news – and we send our congratulations!

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