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Don Guerino Brut Chardonnay NV


ABV: 11.5%

APPEARANCE:  Pale yellow tinged with green

AROMAS:  White flowers, lemon and green apple, with hint of biscuit and candied fruit

TASTE:  Clean, dry, fruity and fresh on soft, light-bodied palate. Crisp apple flavours, with sweeter notes of nougat or lemon sherbet, show through. Lovely persistent small bubbles, a hint of spritz and a surprisingly long finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Stylish lunchtime aperitif but will work well with seafood or white fish

OVERALL:  Beautifully presented, a subtle and high quality Brut fizz – makes an impressive alternative to Prosecco or similar

Now at £ 15.00 / bottle ( £ 90.00 / case x 6 ) previously £ 16.00 / bottle

Amadeu Brut 2016


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Clear, pale gold-green

AROMAS:  Pronounced green apple and pear nose, with hint of a floral scent

TASTE:  Dry to off-dry, light, fresh and clean with moderate acidity. More appley flavours blend with light yeasty and toasty notes from lees ageing ( min.12 months ). Persistent fine bubbles and a generous mousse. Rounded on the palate, medium bodied.

FOOD PAIRING:  Perhaps best on its own but try also with seafood or white meat dishes

OVERALL:  Well made and great value Trad Method fizz, suitable for all occasions

£ 18.00 / bottle ( £ 108.00 / case x 6 )

Geisse Brut Tradicional 2015


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Pale straw yellow-gold

AROMAS:  Complex, aromatic blend of dried fruit, nuts and citric fruits

TASTE:  Beautifully rounded, almost creamy, texture with lemon and lime freshness. Well developed brioche notes apparent too; plenty of fine bubbles and a sherbet-like spritz on a long finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Serve on its own or with delicately flavoured hors d’oeuvres

OVERALL:  Superior Trad Method fizz, for special occasions and/or to impress!

£ 21.00 / bottle ( £ 126.00 / case x 6 )

Don Guerino Brut Rosé Malbec NV


ABV: 11.5%

APPEARANCE:  Attractive mid-salmon pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe strawberry and other summer berry fruits

TASTE:  Dry to off-dry, pleasant acidity, with plenty of red berry fruit and a decent mousse. Light on the palate and on alcohol. Made 100% from Malbec grapes.

FOOD PAIRING:  Light salads, quiches, pâtés and grilled salmon

OVERALL:  Looks good, tastes good – a lovely blush sparkler for all occasions!

£ 15.00 / bottle ( £ 90.00 / case x 6 )

Sorry, but this wine is temporarily out of stock. New shipment is due in October!

Recommended alternatives:  Amadeu Brut Rosé 2015 or Cave Geisse Brut Rosé Tradicional 2014 – please see details below

Don Guerino Rosé Moscato NV


ABV: 7.5%

APPEARANCE:  Delicate light pink

AROMAS:  Fresh strawberry and raspberry

TASTE:  Clean, very light bodied, sweet without being cloying and with more ripe red berry notes and plenty of attractive bubbles

FOOD PAIRING: Try with strawberries and meringues, fruit salads or even dark chocolate

OVERALL:  Very versatile, low alcohol sweet fizz – works equally well as an aperitif or digestif

£ 14.50 / bottle ( £ 87.00 / case x 6 )

Geisse Brut Rosé Tradicional 2014


ABV: 12.5 %

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bubble-gum pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe summer fruits with well developed yeasty and toasty notes

TASTE:  Red berry fruit flavours overlaying more complex and developed brioche ( ‘autolytic’ ) notes from extended lees ageing. Soft on the palate with plenty of fine bubbles, generous mousse and a good long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Best served well chilled as an aperitif but also works with hors d’oeuvres, salads and salmon

OVERALL:  Beautifully presented Traditional Method sparkler – would make a lovely present!

£ 21.00 / bottle ( £ 126.00 / case x 6 )

Cave Geisse Extra Brut Tradicional 2014

NAME: CAVE GEISSE EXTRA BRUT TRADICIONAL 2014 ( Traditional Method, 50:50 Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend, with minimum 30 months lees ageing ). Only 5600 bottles produced!

ABV: 12% Abv.

APPEARANCE: Bright and clear, mid-straw colour with touch of gold; persistent fine mousse

AROMAS: Well developed autolytic character on nose, showing pronounced biscuit and brioche aromas

TASTE: Rich and creamy palate, with fresh buttery, toasty, nutty and brioche notes all to the fore. Dry, with apricot and peach flavours dominating, and a more citric or lemon character in the background. Very long, finishes with a tiny spritz.

OVERALL: Probably our favourite fizz…makes an ideal wedding wine, is of exceptional quality and offers superb value!

£ 23.00 / bottle ( £ 138.00 / case x 6 )

Sanjo Nobrese Sparkling Moscato NV


ABV: 7%

APPEARANCE:  Very pale yellow colour

AROMAS:  Floral and fresh with an attractive orange blossom and citrus scent

TASTE:  Sweet, with clean, fresh and fruity citrus notes. Light bodied, with soft mousse and a lingering finish. Highish level of acidity means that wine is not cloying or overly sweet

FOOD PAIRING:  Try as a digestif with meringues, chocolate, fruit salads or Christmas cake..

OVERALL:  Lovely light, very low alcohol, fizz for those with a sweet tooth!

£ 13.00 / bottle ( £ 78.00 / case x 6 ) previously £14.00 / bottle                                                



Sanjo Nobrese Sparkling Chardonnay NV


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Very pale yellow, with green highlights

AROMAS:  Candied and dried fruit overlaid with fresher apple notes

TASTE:  Clean and fresh with both apple and some more aromatic notes. More off-dry than dry. Light bodied and  easy-drinking with decent bubbles

FOOD PAIRING:  A great aperitif; serve too with salads, seafood, white meat or fish dishes

OVERALL:  Fun, light and easy-drinking – the perfect party wine!

£ 15.00 / bottle ( £ 90.00 / case x 6 ) 

Campos de Cima Brut Champenoise 2012

NAME: CAMPOS de CIMA BRUT 2012 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD, 70% Chardonnay / 30% Pinot Noir, with 24 months lees ageing )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Very deep gold-green colour

AROMAS: Pronounced tropical notes, including mango and passion fruit, overlying yeasty aromas

TASTE:  Palate is dry, soft and rounded. Tropical fruits to the fore but biscuity-brioche notes are discernible too. Fine bubbles and persistent long finish. No oak used

FOOD PAIRING:  A great aperitif but works well too with light chicken dishes, risottos or salads

OVERALL:  An outstanding Brazilian wine, the most rich and complex of all our Brut sparklers

£ 20.00 / bottle ( £ 120.00 / case x 6 ) 

Campos de Cima Extra Brut Champenoise 2012

NAME: CAMPOS de CIMA EXTRA BRUT 2012 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD, 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, with 24 months lees ageing )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Very deep gold-green colour

AROMAS: Tropical fruits blended with yeasty, brioche notes

TASTE:  Full bodied but refreshing and dry, with ripe tropical fruits overlaying more mineral notes. Persistent fine mousse, fine bubbles and very long, lingering finish. Unoaked

FOOD PAIRING:  Pair with oysters, grilled fish and seafood in general

OVERALL:  As Brut above, very high quality Trad Method fizz, showing great complexity and finesse

£ 20.00 / bottle ( £ 120.00 / case x 6 ) 

Geisse Terroir Nature

Cave Geisse Terroir Nature 2014

NAME: CAVE GEISSE TERROIR NATURE 2014 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD – 68% Chardonnay / 32% Pinot Noir, with minimum 36 months lees ageing )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE: Bright straw colour, with profusion of persistent small bubbles

AROMAS: Attractive notes of green apple, apricot and white flowers, with clear well developed yeasty or toasty ( ‘autolytic’ ) character

TASTE: Full bodied, with generous creamy mouthfeel, honey and crystalised fruit flavours dominate. Very fine, exceptionally long finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Makes the perfect aperitif but can be served with seafood or grilled white fish

OVERALL: With zero dosage, this aged Trad Method sparkler manages to be crisp, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time. In Decanter’s words ‘a serious and classy sparkling wine’!

£ 30.00 / bottle ( £ 180.00 / case x 6 ) 

Geisse Brut Rose

Cave Geisse Rosé Brut Terroir 2009

NAME: GEISSE BRUT ROSÉ TERROIR 2009 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD, 100% Pinot Noir, with minimum 36 months lees ageing and around 5% briefly oak aged )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Attractive dark salmon-pink

AROMAS:  Intriguing, complex nose shows raspberry, redcurrant and red cherry fruit, with a little honey and hazelnut also apparent

TASTE:  Soft creamy palate shows summer fruits overlaid with biscuity toastiness, also a tiny herbal note reminiscent of dill or rosemary. Medium bodied, with very light oaky character. Delicate mousse and fine bubbles, with long persistence on finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Perfect with poached or grilled salmon

OVERALL:  Top of the range aged pink fizz, wonderfully subtle flavours, drinks superbly!

£ 28.00 / bottle ( £ 168.00 / case x 6 )

Amadeu Brut Rosé 2015


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bright russet-pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe strawberries with some toasty brioche notes

TASTE:  Dry to off-dry, light, fresh and with summer berry fruit flavours dominant. Plentiful mousse, fine bubbles and a persistent finish. Min 12 months lees ageing.

FOOD PAIRING:  Light starters, grilled fish or fruit salads

OVERALL:  Delicious grown up Traditional Method pink fizz, equally good for both formal and informal occasions!

Now at £ 16.00 / bottle ( £ 96.00 / case x 6 ) previously £18.00 / bottle

Miolo Millesime Brut 2009

Miolo Brut Millesime 2014

12,5% Abv. ( available in Republic of Ireland only )

Available on special order – please email

This sparkling wine from Brazil is a classic blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. Light yellow presenting a green reflection with fine and resistant bubbles. The perlage is fine, but intense and long lasting bubbles, leaving a brief and interesting crown. Aromas complex and pleasant range of fruit and aging bouquets (yeast maturation). The taste is balanced acidity, fine body, leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth.

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