New Arrivals!

Campos de Cima Irene Antonietta Rosé 2017

NAME: IRENE ANTONIETTA ROSE 2017 ( Merlot/Shiraz/Malbec blend )

ABV: 11%

APPEARANCE: Deep apricot, with tinge of onion skin pink

AROMAS: An intriguing and delicate perfume of wild berries, honey, honeysuckle and other floral notes

TASTE: Very dry with subtle cherry notes and a long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Grilled salmon, lightly flavoured white meats, canapés or salads

OVERALL: An unusual, very elegant rosé, best enjoyed well chilled with dishes above

£ 13.00 / bottle ( £ 78.00 / case x 6 )

Don Guerino Sinais Merlot 2016


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE: bright ruby-red

AROMAS: youthful, with fresh black cherry and red plum fruit most apparent

TASTE: wine is unoaked, so more juicy red fruit on the palate with smooth mature tannins. Medium bodied and with moderate acidity, this is a difficult wine not to like!

FOOD PAIRING: ideal with roast chicken but is a good match too for pizza, pasta and most cheeses

OVERALL: soft and fruity, this is a great Merlot for all occasions

£ 12.50 / bottle ( £ 75.00 / case of 6 )

Please note closure is cork, not screwcap as in bottle image!


Don Guerino Sinais Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  deep ruby-purple colour

AROMAS:  fresh dark fruits to the fore, with hints of green pepper and touch of spice

TASTE:  young, vibrant blackcurrant and black plum fruit; smooth tannins

FOOD PAIRING: Try with grilled/BBQ steaks, well flavoured cheeses or mushroom stroganoff

OVERALL:  Unoaked and very approachable medium bodied Cab Sav!

Our November 2018 Wine of the Month!

Now @ £ 11.00 / bottle  ( £ 66.00 / case x 6 ) – previously £12.50

Please note closure is cork, not screwcap as in bottle image!

Campos de Cima Viognier 2017

NAME: CAMPOS de CIMA VIOGNIER 2017 ( Unoaked )

ABV: 11.5%

APPEARANCE: Very deep gold

AROMAS: A truly tropical cocktail of ripe apricot, peach, honey, nectarine – even a whiff of banana!

TASTE: Medium bodied, dry, with good acidity and a rich palate showing flavours of stonefruit and a very light spiciness. As is often the case with Viognier, wine has slightly oily character; finish is extremely long and lingering

FOOD PAIRING: An ideal partner for Coronation chicken but will work well with any buttery dishes

OVERALL: For an unoaked wine, this Viognier has a remarkably deep colour and intense flavours, together with lowish alcohol. Altogether, an unusual and complex wine that will surprise many..

Last few bottles now available!

£ 13.00 / bottle ( £ 78.00 / case x 6 )

Campos de Cima Três Bocas 2016

NAME: CAMPOS de CIMA TRÊS BOCAS 2016 ( unoaked Tannat/Cab Sauv/Ruby Cabernet blend )

ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE: Deep violet-ruby with very slight rusty tinge on rim

AROMAS: concentration of ripe, untamed hedgerow and forest fruits, with damson, plum and prune aromas all showing through

TASTE: Tannins are ripe, savoury and soft; palate is medium to full bodied, smooth and with plenty of ripe herbaceous brambly fruits. Intriguing fig, mint or menthol notes give the wine a real lift, too..

FOOD PAIRING: demands a roast, stew, venison, juicy steak or a strongly flavoured cheese

OVERALL: Made by Frenchman Michel Fabre, this is a distinctive and complex red that makes perfect autumn and winter drinking!

£ 15.00 / bottle ( £ 90.00 / case x 6 )