Eco-Friendly Brazilian Wines for Vegetarians and Vegans

A fast-growing number of people in the UK are switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Many would like to continue enjoying wine, but it can be hard to discover which types don’t contain any animal products.

Fortunately, many top Brazilian wineries are now producing high quality wines which are vegan and/or vegetarian-friendly. Consequently Go Brazil has just added two new sections to its website, listing the wines available in each of these categories. Our vegan and vegetarian-friendly wines will soon have a symbol alongside their descriptions on our site – but we would emphasise that these symbols do not normally appear on the wine labels themselves.

Why Choose Vegetarian and Vegan Wine?

Amid growing concern over climate change and the need for sustainability, ever more people are cutting meat and dairy products out of their diets. The Vegan Society estimates that, between 2014 and 2018, the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled, with around 600,000 people now classifying themselves as such. The Society also estimates that around 25% of the UK population will be following either a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle by 2025.

Many ethical consumers who don’t follow a strict diet also want to cut down on animal products and are interested in meat-free alternatives, while independent wine retailers, bloggers and wine educators are also looking for eco-friendly contemporary wines to try and recommend.

Although wine is of course produced from grapes and yeast, traditionally many wines do also contain animal products, such as fining agents derived from eggs or milk. Increasingly however, many producers are now switching to vegan alternatives but it can be hard to tell which wines fall into this category. So we are making it easier for customers who want to buy quality South American wines online, by giving clear details on our website.

Which are the best Brazilian Wines for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Go Brazil has many different wines available in each category – so the best ones to choose will depend on your taste and the occasion! You don’t have to be restricted to just one or two vegetarian or vegan-friendly vintages, so you can choose from a wide variety of Brazilian reds, whites, bubbly and pink fizz.

Great vegan wine choices for summer celebrations include our Don Guerino Brut Rosé Malbec NV, a lovely blush fizz, our fruity red Sinais Merlot 2017 and the light white Sinais Moscato Giallo 2018.

For those looking for suitable wine to partner vegan or vegetarian dishes, our recommendation includes some other wines from the Sinais range, especially the Sinais Cabernet Sauvignon, Sinais Sauvignon Blanc or – if you’re hedging your bets – the Sinais Malbec Rosé (the still version of the Malbec fizz above).

Please be aware that the information above has been supplied to us directly by each Brazilian winery, and it is not necessarily the case that all the wines they produce are vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

Visit our online shop to see and buy from our vegan and vegetarian wine ranges. If you would like more information about wines for a specific event, email us here.