Go Brazil Easter Specials

The weather’s warmer, lockdown’s easing and Easter’s imminent, so now is the time to spring clean your drinks cabinet! Here are our top Easter specials, perfect for enjoying both indoors and outdoors:


Whether you’re celebrating with friends or family after months apart, or just a fan of bubbly, these are all superb value sparklers:

Brut Chardonnay NV @ £7.95 (RRP 13.95)

Sweet Moscato NV @ £9.95 (RRP 13.95)

Sparkling Malbec Rosé NV @ £15.00


Nothing beats a light, crisp, dry white wine, nicely chilled as an aperitif. Try these:

Sauvignon Blanc @ £9.95 (RRP 13.95)

Riesling @ £9.95 (RRP 13.95)

Torrontes @ £11.95 (RRP 15.00)


BBQs across the nation are being dusted down, and a bold fruity red is just the job when the steak, sausages & chicken wings come off the grill! We recommend:

Barrel-aged Merlot @ £11.95 (RRP 15.00)

Cabernet Sauvignon @ £11.95

Reserva Pinot Noir @ £12.95 (RRP 15.00)