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Interviews with Go Brazil

Here you can browse our recent videos, podcasts and interviews with Go Brazil to learn more about our wide range of Brazilian wines.

We also showcase the wineries themselves, often interviewing Brazilian wine producers to find out more about their wines and how they are produced.

Visit to Guaspari Winery

Our MD Nicholas Corfe visits the Guaspari winery where, very unusually, they practice a winter harvest.

As the winery is within the Tropics, this means that the grapes are picked in July or August (whereas in the far south they would harvest January- March).

A Conversation with Andre and Rafaela from the Guaspari Winery

[Video Coming Soon]

We discover what makes this superb estate so special!

Visit to the Campos de Cima Vineyard

Just as the sun was setting, we had the opportunity to chat with Pedro Candelária, Export Director of Campos de Cima.

A magnificent and peaceful scene in the middle of the ‘Pampa’, where vines grow alongside sheep, cattle – and rice.

In conversation with Flávio Pizzato

We meet Flávio Pizzato, winemaker and director of Vinícola Pizzato, who tells us how his family business has grown – and his plans for the future.