Join us on a Brazilian Wine Tour

Join us on one of our fully escorted, private tours to the wine regions of southern Brazil. Run by Go Brazil Wines in partnership with specialist agent, Bespoke Brazil, these tours will appeal to small groups of enthusiasts, keen to explore not only Brazil’s most important vineyards but also some of the many and varied sightseeing highlights of this vast country.

Visitors will meet privately with winemakers and their families, enjoy tastings of wine matched with the local cuisine, and have time of course to soak up the spectacular scenery of the Serra Gaúcha hills. The itinerary also takes in the more northerly, but equally stunning, state of Santa Catarina which is dotted with stunning waterfalls and mountain vistas.

Accommodation throughout is in luxury hotels.

For more information please visit:

tel 01603 340680

Read full press release here : Brazilian Wine Tours Press Release