Campos de Cima Cepas Cabernet Franc 2021


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A 100% Cab Franc, produced by our friends at Campos de Cima, a fully sustainable (solar powered) family-run winery located in the far southwest of Brazil, adjoining the border with Argentina.

Young and unoaked, this is a fruity, soft and very light style of red – with raspberry flavours predominant – and showing some typically leafy/green notes that mark it out as different from a Cab Sauv, for example.

Nb. unfortunately this wine is now out of stock, and it wasn’t produced in 2022. For Cab Franc lovers we can however recommend a CF blend from Campos de Cima, their Tres Bocas Tinto , Don Guerino’s Le Franc or Guaspari’s Vista da Mata

Vegan & vegetarian friendly.