Don Guerino Sinais Merlot 2021


Soft and fruity, this is a high quality, beautifully balanced and smooth-drinking Merlot suitable for all occasions.

Drink on its own or pair with pizza, pasta, chicken or stir-fry dishes, or lightly-flavoured cheeses.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly, not aged in barrel.



ABV: 13.5%

APPEARANCE: bright ruby-red

AROMAS: youthful, with vibrant black cherry and red plum fruit most apparent

TASTE: wine is unoaked, so plenty of juicy red fruit on the palate with smooth ripe tannins. Medium bodied and with moderate acidity, this is a difficult wine not to like!

FOOD PAIRING: ideal with roast chicken, beef or lamb but a good match too for pizza, pasta and most cheeses

OVERALL: a highly gluggable, smooth-drinking Merlot!

If you like this, try Sinais Cab Sauvignon, a similar wine but slightly fuller-bodied