Fausto Tannat 2015


A delicious, complex five year old red which packs a real punch, this example of a relatively unknown French grape variety is arguably the best value wine on the entire Go Brazil range. 

Tannat wines are to a greater or lesser extent tannic, so best enjoyed with robust, well flavoured dishes! See suggestions below..

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ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Very deep purple-black colour

AROMAS: Attractive perfumed dark fruits with some oaky and leathery notes

TASTE:  Richly concentrated black fruits overlaying spice and coffee flavours. Medium to heavy bodied but supple nonetheless, with noticeably well rounded tannins.

FOOD PAIRING: Spicy or very well seasoned red meat dishes, especially beef, lamb or pork

OVERALL: With its weight and complexity, this Fausto will appeal both to Tannat aficionados and those who are discovering the grape for the first time..