Fausto Tannat 2019


The new 2019 vintage has just landed! A delicious, complex red which packs a real punch, this example of an under-appreciated French grape variety is arguably the best value wine on the entire Go Brazil range. 

As the name suggests, Tannat wines are to a greater or lesser extent tannic, so best enjoyed with robust, well flavoured dishes. See suggestions below..

If you prefer an even bolder style of Tannat, we can recommend Fausto’s ‘big brother’, the Pizzato Nervi Reserva Tannat – a similar wine but it spends longer in barrel and is more powerful and concentrated, derived from older vines.



ABV: 13%

APPEARANCE:  Very deep purple-black colour

AROMAS: Attractive perfumed dark fruits with some oaky and leathery notes

TASTE:  Richly concentrated black fruits overlaying spice and coffee flavours. Medium to heavy bodied but supple nonetheless, with pleasantly well rounded tannins

FOOD PAIRING: Well seasoned red meat dishes, especially beef, lamb or pork, maybe also curries, BBQ’d and spicy foods

OVERALL: With its weight and complexity, this Fausto will appeal both to Tannat aficionados and maybe also those who appreciate a Shiraz or Pinotage style of red

If you like this, try our Reserva Tannat – the ‘older brother’ of Fausto, barrel-aged for longer and with an even greater depth of flavour