Familia Geisse Brut Rosé Tradicional 2012 (Traditional Method)

£24.00 £19.00

A superb and very attractively priced Trad Method rosé sparkler, heavily discounted as this label has now been discontinued.

Just one case now remains (@ 18/01/21)!

A fine wine, well presented, would make a lovely gift ( Valentine’s Day, anyone?)..


ABV: 12.5 %

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bright, deep rosé pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe summer fruits with well developed yeasty and toasty notes

TASTE:  Red berry fruit flavours overlaying more complex and developed toasty/brioche ( ‘autolytic’ ) notes from extended, 24 months, lees ageing. Soft on the palate with plenty of fine bubbles, generous mousse and a good long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Best served well chilled as an aperitif but try also with hors d’oeuvres, salads and smoked salmon

OVERALL:  Smartly presented Traditional Method sparkler – great for gifting!

A well-developed wine from Familia Geisse, a specialist producer of Traditional Method fizz, this is a classy and very approachable 100% Pinot Noir pink sparkler