Fausto Chardonnay 2017 (unoaked)

£15.00 £11.95

This unoaked dry Chardonnay is medium bodied, combining soft tropical fruit favours and a pleasant kick of acidity. Well presented, with a quirky little label!

Especially recommended with canapés, salads and seafood. Vegetarian friendly.

Highly versatile and super value at this heavily discounted price.. 



ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE: Light yellowy-green

AROMAS: Melon, peach and apricot with some lemon & lime citric notes

TASTE: Unoaked, dry, with ripe tropical fruits, and pleasantly crisp

FOOD PAIRING: Equally suitable to serve with cold plates, salads, seafood, fish or white meat dishes

OVERALL: Medium bodied, this is a subtle, unoaked Chardie that is pitched perfectly to harmonise with seafood and white fish dishes

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