Sanjo Nobrese Brut Sparkling NV

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From the high altitude Vinicola Sanjo winery, a fun, light and easy-drinking bubbly suitable for all occasions. 

Serve well chilled as an aperitif or pair with light chicken or fish dishes, seafood or salads.

Vegetarian friendly.

Discontinued line, so priced to clear!



ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Pale yellow, with green highlights

AROMAS:  Fresh, green apple notes underscored with candied and dried fruit

TASTE:  Clean and fresh with both apple and some more aromatic notes. Dry to off-dry. Light bodied and easy-drinking with decent bubbles

FOOD PAIRING:  Serve well chilled it makes a great aperitif but also a good accompaniment to salads, seafood, white meat or fish dishes

OVERALL:  Excellent value & well presented everyday fizz, 100% Chardonnay, made using the Charmat (‘Prosecco’) method