The Best Brazilian Wines to Drink at Easter

The Easter holiday is almost upon us – and an opportunity for many people to take a break, whether Christian or not. Here at Go Brazil, the UK’s only specialist importer and supplier of Brazilian wines, we take a look at how the occasion is celebrated in that South American country, and recommend some of the best wines to drink over the holiday period.

Easter in Brazil

Just as in the UK, Brazilians eat a lot of chocolate (and specifically Easter eggs) over the holiday period! However, because Brazil has such a large number of Catholics, the religious aspects of Easter remain important.

In Brazil, Easter forms part of Holy Week, and Good Friday and Easter Sunday are public holidays. On the Friday (‘sexta-feira da paixão’), Catholic Brazilians get together to eat and remember the death and sacrifice of Jesus. This means eating fish (rather than meat) – a personal sacrifice to recognise the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made over Easter.

Easter Saturday (sábado de aleluia) is the day to ‘burn Judas’. As in several other countries (notably in Europe, where the practice originated) Brazilians prepare a doll and hang it on a pole for people to strike. Although it originally commemorated Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, in Brazil the doll can be taken to represent anyone you dislike!

And Easter Sunday (domingo de Páscoa) is of course the day when many Brazilians go to Mass, as well as exchanging chocolate gifts. If not attending church, many Brazilians will take the opportunity to be with friends, family and other loved ones.

Best Brazilian Wines to Drink at Easter

Whatever the menus you may be planning for Easter, Go Brazil has a suitable wine or two to pair with them. Here are our recommendations for those most popular Easter dishes enjoyed in the UK:

Roast Lamb – the most traditional of Easter meats, forming the centrepiece of many households’ dinner, and clearly of religious significance too.

Our unoaked Sinais Cabernet Sauvignon (£10.99), pictured, our Don Guerino 1880 Teroldego 2019 (£16.99) or our Guaspari Vale da Pedra Shiraz 2020 (£26.99) will all make great accompaniments to roast lamb. These reds are medium to full bodied, fruity, robust and can be enjoyed on their own, but show best when paired with a good roast!

Ham – some people enjoy cooked ham for Easter lunch. This is a tradition thought to date back to pre-Christian or Pagan times, as it was said to bring good fortune and also ham was one of the meats that poorer people could actually afford.

Our white Torrontes 2021 (£13.99) is both floral and citrussy, and it goes particularly well with a slightly saltier meat such as ham. The Sinais Malbec Rosé 2021 (£12.99) makes a lighter, fresher alternative – or for red lovers, try our unoaked, medium bodied Sinais Merlot 2021 (£12.99).

Fish – fish is traditionally eaten on Good Friday, and particularly in Brazil where salt cod (‘bacalhau’) is perhaps the most widely enjoyed dish. Elsewhere salmon – whether smoked, baked or roasted – is popular.

A dry white wine is most appropriate, and our Três Bocas Branco 2021 blend (£14.49, pictured) would be perfect with salted cod; the Sinais Moscato Giallo 2021 (£10.99) is dry with hints of passion fruit and citrus, while our lightly oaked Reserva Chardonnay 2021 (£15.99) is a fuller, more tropically fruit-flavoured wine.

Other Vegetarian and Vegan Options – some people won’t eat either meat or fish yet still like to mark Easter in a special way. In many cases this means eating carrots, greens, asparagus, artichokes and any other fresh spring vegetables that are in season. For instance, you could make a vegan couscous salad, or try some artichoke and sun-dried tomato pasta.

Nearly all our wines, still and sparkling, can be enjoyed by both vegans and vegetarians. Your choice of wine will of course depend on what you plan to eat, and you and your guests’ preferences. See our Vegan and Vegetarian categories to make your choice.

Chocolate, Hot Cross Buns & Simnel Cake – these Easter treats are all sweet to a greater or lesser extent, so a sweet wine alongside will probably work best!

Our sweet sparkling Moscato Bianco NV (£14.99, pictured) is a great match for dark chocolate – indeed, for many desserts and sweet treats, such as cheesecake, tiramisu or Eton Mess! Light in colour and alcohol, and with plentiful bubbles, this is a delicious way to end a meal!

Best Brazilian Wines from Go Brazil

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