A celebration of Brazil’s national spirit

Although specialising in Brazilian wines, here at Go Brazil we’re always mindful that Brazil’s national drink is in fact cachaça (pronounced ‘ka-shass-ar’).

Produced by distilling the free-run juice from pressed sugar cane – which grows abundantly throughout Brazil – cachaça is a clear, highly aromatic and potent spirit. Most famously it the base for the ‘caipirinha’, a ubiquitous local cocktail whose ingredients also include caster sugar, muddled limes and crushed ice.

Our Zeca branded cachaça is one of those rare examples which is good enough to drink neat, although most will enjoy it blended with exotic passion fruit, elderflower juice, Sicilian lemonade, ginger beer or Campari. Produced on a rural family estate using time-honoured methods, and on a very small scale, we haven’t tasted a cachaça that is more authentic. It’s all you need for sophisticated summer-sipping!

Zeca is available from Go Brazil in single bottles (£33.00), cases of 6 (£179.00) or as part of a mixed wine/cachaça case. See details below:

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