The spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas

Zeca Cachaca, Brazilian rum, Christmas cocktailsAlthough heavily consumed in its native Brazil, cachaça is relatively unknown in most international markets, including here in the UK.

It is a clear spirit distilled from the fresh, free-run juice of sugar cane and at its best has rich fruity, earthy aromas including passion fruit and apple, and sometimes traces of pepper, vanilla and brown sugar. For locals and visitors to Brazil alike, cachaça is usually drunk as a cocktail, most typically as a ‘caipirinha’ – which mixes the spirit with sugar, limes and ice.

Our colleagues at Zeca cachaça are determined, however, to elevate their brand beyond simply being the main ingredient of a caipirinha, and to show that this great spirit has real quality and versatility, not least when combined with UK produced natural, non-alcoholic soft drinks and juices.

Here is a simple but delicious Zeca cocktail recipe for your Christmas party:

50ml Zeca cachaça
Add Fentimans pink Lemonade
Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice
Stir together, add ice as required and top off with seasonal berries….lovely!