Cave Geisse

Cave Geisse is unique among our suppliers in that its owner, Mario Geisse, is Chilean. Back in 1976 he left his native country, where he had been Master Winemaker at the Casa Silva winery, to manage Moet & Chandon’s Brazilian operations. Then in 1979 he left to set up his own business, which he had always intended would produce sparkling wines. Its wines are popular with people looking for the best South American wines.

After spending several years exploring potential sites for his vineyard, Mario ended up in a wonderfully scenic area known as Pinto Bandeira in the Vinhos de Montanha (‘Wine Mountains’ ), to the south of Bento Gonçalves. The site sits at an average 800m altitude, is well drained and enjoys plenty of sun – in other words, near perfect for small scale fizzy wine production.

Mario Geisse and his son Daniel focus on producing just two, noble grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This disciplined approach, coupled with a refusal to chase volume production, are characteristic of their quality-driven business.

Another interesting aspect of the company is its employment practices. Rather than hire an individual worker, they employ his or her whole family. Geisse builds a house specifically for each family, at no cost to them, but in return is rewarded with that family’s labour in and around the vineyard.

Geisse’s small scale is reflected in its modest export sales, to date. However, Go Brazil believes it is fortunate to have secured an agreement wth the family for importation rights into the UK and Ireland. Indeed, our confidence in Cave Geisse products seems to be well placed: the USA Wine Enthusiast magazine commented in November 2010 ‘the finest producer of sparkling wines in the region, hands down, is Cave Geisse ‘. It continued: ‘Brut, Natural and Rose Cave Geisse would all score in the 90s on any critic’s score card.’

Latest News August 2011: Wines just arrived!

Go Brazil is delighted to confirm that we are stocking the range-topping Cave Geisse Nature Terroir 2006 and Cave Geisse Brut Rose 2006. In addition we have taken delivery of two sparkling wines from Geisse’s second, ‘Amadeu’-branded line: an attractively priced brut and brut rose methode champenoise from the 2009 vintage. See tasting notes for all wines below.

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How to Buy

Trade customers can obtain Brazilan wine by Cave Geisse from our warehouse in London.

A selection of Cave Geisse sparkling wines can be ordered from our partners at South American Wines Online for delivery to Norfolk,Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and to the UK.

Wines from this winery

Geisse Brut Rosé Tradicional 2014


ABV: 12.5 %

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bubble-gum pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe summer fruits with well developed yeasty and toasty notes

TASTE:  Red berry fruit flavours overlaying more complex and developed brioche ( ‘autolytic’ ) notes from extended lees ageing. Soft on the palate with plenty of fine bubbles, generous mousse and a good long finish

FOOD PAIRING: Best served well chilled as an aperitif but also works with hors d’oeuvres, salads and salmon

OVERALL:  Beautifully presented Traditional Method sparkler – would make a lovely present!

£ 21.00 / bottle ( £ 126.00 / case x 6 )

Cave Geisse Extra Brut Tradicional 2014

NAME: CAVE GEISSE EXTRA BRUT TRADICIONAL 2014 ( Traditional Method, 50:50 Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend, with minimum 30 months lees ageing ). Only 5600 bottles produced!

ABV: 12% Abv.

APPEARANCE: Bright and clear, mid-straw colour with touch of gold; persistent fine mousse

AROMAS: Well developed autolytic character on nose, showing pronounced biscuity, brioche aromas

TASTE: Rich and creamy palate, with fresh buttery, toasty, nutty and brioche notes all to the fore. Dry, with apricot and peach flavours dominating, and a more citric or lemon character in the background. Very long, finishes with a tiny spritz.

OVERALL: Probably our favourite fizz…makes an ideal wedding wine, is of exceptional quality and offers superb value!

Awarded 94 points by Decanter magazine ( October 2018 )

£ 23.00 / bottle ( £ 138.00 / case x 6 )

Geisse Terroir Nature

Cave Geisse Terroir Nature 2014

NAME: CAVE GEISSE TERROIR NATURE 2014 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD – 68% Chardonnay / 32% Pinot Noir, with minimum 36 months lees ageing )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE: Bright straw colour, with profusion of persistent small bubbles

AROMAS: Attractive notes of green apple, apricot and white flowers, with clear well developed yeasty or toasty ( ‘autolytic’ ) character

TASTE: Full bodied, with generous creamy mouthfeel, honey and crystalised fruit flavours dominate. Very fine, exceptionally long finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Makes the perfect aperitif but can be served with seafood or grilled white fish

OVERALL: With zero dosage, this aged Trad Method sparkler manages to be crisp, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time. In Decanter’s words ‘a serious and classy sparkling wine’!

2012 vintage awarded 92 points by Decanter magazine ( October 2018 )

£ 30.00 / bottle ( £ 180.00 / case x 6 ) 

Geisse Brut Rose

Cave Geisse Rosé Brut Terroir 2009

NAME: GEISSE BRUT ROSÉ TERROIR 2009 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD, 100% Pinot Noir, with minimum 36 months lees ageing and around 5% briefly oak aged )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Attractive dark salmon-pink

AROMAS:  Intriguing, complex nose shows raspberry, redcurrant and red cherry fruit, with a little honey and hazelnut also apparent

TASTE:  Soft creamy palate shows summer fruits overlaid with biscuity toastiness, also a tiny herbal note reminiscent of dill or rosemary. Medium bodied, with very light oaky character. Delicate mousse and fine bubbles, with long persistence on finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Perfect with poached or grilled salmon

OVERALL:  Top of the range aged pink fizz, wonderfully subtle flavours, drinks superbly!

£ 28.00 / bottle ( £ 168.00 / case x 6 )

Amadeu Brut Rosé 2015


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bright russet-pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe strawberries with some toasty brioche notes

TASTE:  Dry to off-dry, light, fresh and with summer berry fruit flavours dominant. Plentiful mousse, fine bubbles and a persistent finish. Min 12 months lees ageing.

FOOD PAIRING:  Light starters, grilled fish or fruit salads

OVERALL:  Delicious grown up Traditional Method pink fizz, equally good for both formal and informal occasions!

Now at £ 16.00 / bottle ( £ 96.00 / case x 6 ) previously £18.00 / bottle