Cave Geisse Rosé Brut Terroir 2009

Cave Geisse Rosé Brut Terroir 2009

NAME: GEISSE BRUT ROSÉ TERROIR 2009 ( TRADITIONAL METHOD, 100% Pinot Noir, with minimum 36 months lees ageing and around 5% briefly oak aged )

ABV: 12.5%

APPEARANCE:  Attractive dark salmon-pink

AROMAS:  Intriguing, complex nose shows raspberry, redcurrant and red cherry fruit, with a little honey and hazelnut also apparent

TASTE:  Soft creamy palate shows summer fruits overlaid with biscuity toastiness, also a tiny herbal note reminiscent of dill or rosemary. Medium bodied, with very light oaky character. Delicate mousse and fine bubbles, with long persistence on finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Perfect with poached or grilled salmon

OVERALL:  Top of the range aged pink fizz, wonderfully subtle flavours, drinks superbly!

£ 28.00 / bottle ( £ 168.00 / case x 6 )