Geisse Brut Tradicional 2015


We regret that we are currently out of stock on this line. In the meantime you might like to try our Familia Geisse Extra Brut, Geisse Brut Rosé Tradicional or Geisse Brut Rosé Terroir. 

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ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Pale straw yellow-gold

AROMAS:  Complex, aromatic blend of dried fruit, nuts and citric fruits

TASTE:  Beautifully rounded, almost creamy, texture with lemon and lime freshness. Well developed brioche notes apparent too; plenty of fine bubbles and a sherbet-like spritz on a long finish

FOOD PAIRING:  Serve on its own or with delicately flavoured hors d’oeuvres

OVERALL:  Superior Trad Method fizz, for special occasions and/or to impress!