Pizzato Vertigo Nature un-degorged Trad Method 2016


A stunning example of a Traditional Method sparkling wine which has not undergone the typical ‘dégorgement’ (removal of dead yeast) from the bottle. The resulting wine is therefore cloudy in appearance, naturally unfiltered and as there is no added sugar (‘dosage’), can be described as ‘Nature’.

A blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir, and with 24 months of lees ageing before being released on to the market, just 1900 bottles of the 2016 vintage were produced.

This fizz won’t be to everyone’s taste but we hope it appeals to those who appreciate very dry styles and are prepared to try something a little different..the exciting bit is that you the consumer decides when to degorge the wine!

Read wine critic Tom Cannavan’s tasting note below.


As we mention elsewhere, Go Brazil has been working with the Pizzato winery for nearly ten years and the consistently high quality of their wines is remarkable. Although winemaker Flavio Pizzato is best known locally for his reds, particularly his Merlot and Tannat (both of which we import), in recent years he has expanded his range of both white and sparkling wines.

Indeed, his Traditional Method sparklers are sold widely both in Brazil and internationally, and have many awards to their name.

It is rare to find an ‘undegorged’ fizz, perhaps because aesthetically it has less appeal than a clear, bright wine. Secondly, the lack of dosage may be off-putting to those whose taste is for a Brut or Demi-Sec style, with their higher residual sugar levels.

However, we love Vertigo not only for being very different and ‘natural’ but also for being a fine wine – twice in recent years being voted Brazil’s ‘Best Sparkling Wine’.

Wine critic Tom Cannavan reviewed the wine in March 2020 – here is his tasting note: Vertigo