Zeca – 6 bottle x 70cl bumper case of cachaça



For lovers of Brazil’s national drink, look no further than this 6 bottle case of our Zeca branded cachaça.

Produced on a family owned ‘fazenda’ – or large farm – in the heart of the inland state of Minais Gerais, this delicious spirit is nothing if not authentic, from the hand-cutting of the sugar cane through to the small batch distillation in the fazenda’s original copper alembic stills.

The result? A pure, clean and translucent cachaça (called ‘prata’ in Brazilian Portuguese) which oozes aromas of tropical fruits, green apple, some earthiness and brown sugar.

Zeca makes an excellent base for a cocktail, not least in Brazil’s ubiquitous ‘caipirinha’, but equally it can be enjoyed neat, much as you might savour a fine whisky.

Ideal for parties and celebrations, this case offers around £19 discount off RRP, if bottles were to be purchased singly. 

For purchases of 5 bottles or fewer, see Zeca single

Please note Zeca is supplied in 70cl bottle (40% Abv.) and is both vegetarian and vegan friendly.