ZECA Cachaça


The Zeca story begins in 1891, when the Matos family took the brave step of emigrating from Portugal to the untamed region of Minas Gerais, in southeast Brazil. Little did they know that this overwhelmingly abundant terroir would one day become the environment that would produce an outstanding cachaça – the spirit which is the national drink of Brazil and whose origins date back to the 1500s.

Made from robust sugarcane crops grown only by the family, ZECA de Matos cachaça is a fine example of an artisanal spirit exploding with character.  And what is the secret to this delicious drop? “The magic is in the land”, says estate owner and producer, Madalena Matos, the daughter of Joseph ‘ZECA’ Matos.

Indeed, the Matos estate has all the right characteristics for cachaça production: its soil quality, altitude, natural irrigation, water quality and ideal sunlight exposure are some of the many aspects that contribute to the magic.

Nor should we forget the secret weapon that protects the crops – the ‘tamanduá’. This indigenous anteater sleeps in the forest by day, while by night roams the sugarcane plantations, feasting on insects and bugs.

The family’s oxen bring the freshly hand harvested sugarcane in a wagon down to the pressing room, ensuring carbon emissions are kept to a minimum. Traditional methods are also employed indoors, with the sugar cane being distilled using the best copper alembic stills and then aged in special Brazilian mahogany (‘jequitibá) barrels.

The rustic but very elegant end-result is a full-flavoured, fruity and yet earthy cachaça with notes of green apple, passion fruit, pepper, with a brown sugar and vanilla finish as long as the Amazon River.

ZECA Cachaça is a pioneering premium brand, which has ambitious plans to make a real difference to the drinking culture of the UK and other parts of the world. We believe cachaça is a highly versatile spirit and exploring that full versatility with talented bartenders and mixologists is our #1 priority. No hiding behind the caipirinha here!

For example, why not try ZECA with brewed ginger beer or a hand-crafted lemonade for a simple, delicious, cocktail that we think is good enough to excite even your traditional G&T drinker?

ZECA de Matos cachaça is available to you via Go Brazil Wines @ £33.00/bottle. For more information or to place an order, please click here.