Amadeu Brut Rosé 2016 (Traditional Method)


Delicious grown up Traditional Method pink fizz, equally good for both formal and informal occasions! 

Now unfortunately out of stock but we have new supplies arriving in August.

In the meantime, why not try Geisse’s Brut Rosé Tradicional (same as the Amadeu Rosé but with longer lees ageing) or our Don Guerino Malbec Brut Rosé NV?

Out of stock


ABV: 12%

APPEARANCE:  Clear, bright, russet-pink colour

AROMAS:  Ripe strawberries with some toasty brioche notes

TASTE:  Dry to very slightly off-dry, light, fresh and with summer berry fruit flavours dominant. Plentiful mousse, fine bubbles and a persistent finish. Benefits from 12-15 months lees ageing.

FOOD PAIRING:  Light starters, grilled fish or fruit salads

OVERALL:  Delicious grown up 100% Pinot Noir Traditional Method pink fizz, equally good for formal or informal occasions

Superb value Trad Method fizz from Familia Geisse, arguably Brazil’s finest producer of sparkling wine: here, extended bottle ageing has given the wine real depth and complexity, while summer berry fruit is still fresh!