Brazil produces wine?

Yes, and has done so for at least 150 years!
Go Brazil Wines & Spirits offer the best of Brazilian wines and cachaça, sourced directly from producers situated in the lush, rolling hills of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s most southerly state.

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Our Insider’s Guide to the World Cup!

Fifa World Cup 2014

So, after sixty-four years, the World Cup or simply, ‘A Copa’, returns to Brazil. Twelve cities across this vast country will play host, with the first of sixty-four games kicking off in São Paulo on June 12th and concluding on July 13th in Rio’s iconic Maracanã stadium. Read full article

Brazilian wine-tasting roadshow takes us to places where other wines…

Brazilian wine-tasting roadshow takes us to places where other wines...

Scotland, Wales, Northamptonshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, the US Embassy in London..just a few of the locations where Go Brazil and our associates have presented Brazilian wines this year. It is clear that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of thriving wine clubs...Read full article

What the critics say !

What the critics say !

While here in the UK we are mainly familiar with the wines of France, Spain and Italy ( the ‘Old World’ ) and also those of countries including Australia, South Africa and Chile ( ‘New World’ ), there is undoubtedly a general lack of awareness of Brazilian wine.However, to combat this problem, Go Brazil Wines regularly... Read full article

Brazil’s Key Wine Producing Regions

Brazil's Key Wine Producing Regions